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Our lab is interested in recruiting scientists at all levels. We are using a broad molecular and cellular approach towards understanding mechanisms of neuronal communication. We are interested in researchers with backgrounds in all biological disciplines, including cellular/molecular biology, neuroscience, imaging, genetics, biochemistry, systems biology, behavior and biophysics.

Applicants should email a cover letter, CV and names/contact information for 3 references to Pascal Kaeser.

Graduate Students:
Our direct affiliation is with the Harvard Program in Neuroscience (PIN), the Harvard Porgram in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS), and the Harvard MD/PhD program. Our lab can accept students from any Harvard University graduate program including BBS, PIN, Systems Biology, Biophysics or MCB through the Harvard Integrated Life Science program. Students interested in a lab rotation should email to Pascal Kaeser.

Students at Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and other undergraduate institutions are welcome to apply to the Kaeser lab to gain research experience and to perform senior theses. Students are encouraged to apply early in their college careers. Interested undergrads should email to Pascal Kaeser.



Kaeser Lab | Harvard Medical School | Department of Neurobiology | Armenise 315 | 200 Longwood Ave | Boston MA 02115