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1/2020: A current lab photo.


11/2019: Pragya starts with us, welcome to the lab!

9/2019: Sunny graduated, congrats!

7/2019: Morven joined the lab, and Giovanni is starting with us as well!

6/2019: Shan Shan graduated and is off on a new adventure.            

10/2018: Chao, Xintong, Karthik and Kunpeng start with us. Fun and busy.

8/2018: Richard graduated and is on to a new adventure at Stanford.

8/2018 Our current lab

7/2018: Christopher Minasi joins the lab.  

6/2018: Javier joins! welcome to our lab.

4/2018: Arthur starts a new adventure - good luck!

3/2018: Congrats Arthur for your nice paper on RIM and PIP2.

2/2018: Changliang's dopamine paper is out!

1/2018: Yan's Liprin paper in press! congrats.

1/2018: Mehak Kahn rotates with our lab.

1/2018: Blake Chancellor starts a rotation with us.

2017: Aram comes and goes, and records lots of cells in between.

2/2017: our current lab

10/2016: Daniel Gilliam from the PIN program rotates with us.

7/2016: Juliana Coraor from the MD/PhD program rotates with us.

7/2016: Congrats to Shan Shan and Richard, their paper has just been accepted!

6/2016: Richards paper is out, congrats!

5/2016: Xavier Du Maine rotates with us.

4/2016: Lauren joins the lab - super!

12/2015: Lauren Kershberg from the PIN program rotates in our lab

10/2015: our current lab:

8/2015: Mona Han from the PIN program rotates in our lab.

7/2015: Jennifer starts as a research assistant.

7/2015: Lydia moves on and starts a new adventure at the MPI for Experimental Medicine, good luck!

6/2015: Shirin (ETH Zurich) starts her MS thesis with us!

5/2015: Cindy Chang from the BBS Program starts a rotation with us.

4/2015: It's never too late!

4/2015: Congrats to Shan Shan for getting an NSF fellowship!

12/2014: Best.Xmas.Ever.

9/2014: Ee-Lynn from the PIN program does a rotation in our lab!

9/2014: our current lab:

8/2014: our new airtable arrived, building more rigs.

7/2014: Changliang's ELKS paper is accepted, congratulations to Changliang and everybody who helped!

7/2014: We're excited that Shan Shan decided to join our lab as a grad student!

7/2014: Aziz Krakhanyan from the PIN program does a rotation in our lab.

7/2014: Dalila Ordonez from the MCB program starts rotating with us.

6/2014: Congrats to Sunny for a predoc fellowship and to Changliang for a Brooks award!

5/2014: Congratulations to Richard, he got his NRSA! Way to go.

5/2014: The NIH funds us. Good.

4/2014: Yan got a Croucher Fellowship. Hurray.

12/2013: Congrats to Tom for winning the Nobelprize, well deserved. What a party!

10/2013: our current lab

6/2013: Changliang Liu obtained the Alice and Joseph Brooks Fellowship Award - congratulations!

6/2013: A herd of ELKS.

6/2013: We obtained a Brain Reserach Foundation Seed Grant!

4/2013: Arthur de Jong starts his postdoctoral fellowship with us.

4/2013: Richard from the PIN program is our second grad student!

3/3013: Sunny, a grad student in the BBS program, decided to join our lab!

2/2013: We moved into our new space in the 3rd floor of the Armenise building on the quad. It's a great neighbourhood!


1/2013: Christina Welsh (PIN program) rotates in our lab.

12/2012: Congratulations to Arthur de Jong. Arthur will join our lab in Spring 2013 and had just received a prestigious postdoctoral grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation.

12/2012: Richard Held (PIN program) rotates with us.

11/2012: Lab outing in the Clayroom -Sushi and clART!


10/2012: Sunny Nyitrai (BBS grad program) starts a rotation with us!

10/2012: our current lab:

9/2012: Changliang joins the lab!

7/2012: We received a Lefler Grant!

6/2012: Congratulations to Man Yan Wong for being awarded the Edward R. and Anne G. Lefler Postdoctoral Fellowship!

5/2012: Pascal was named a Nancy Lurie Marks Fellow!

5/2012: Yan starts working with us!

1/1/2012: Lydia Bickford joins the lab!




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