Department of Neurobiology


Our work on liquid-liquid phase separation of Liprin-alpha is published - congrats to everyone involved. 

Our review on mechanisms of dopamine transmission appears in Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

Özge joins our lab as a postdoc - welcome to the team!

Javier's paper on PTPs is out - congratulations!

Claire Qiao joins as our lab manager!

Congratulations to Pragya for a Damon Runyon Fellowship!

The calcium channel paper is out! Congrats Richard, Changliang and Kunpeng and a large team involved.

Jennifer, our lab manager for the past years, is leaving the lab, off to grad school. Congrats on your achievements and thank you for all you have done for the lab!

Well done Sunny and co-authors: Rab6 targets cargo to nerve terminals.

Synaptotagmin-1 is the calcium sensor for dopamine release. Congrats to Aditi and everybody who contributed!

Mineui Han joins the lab as a Lab Manager - great to have you in the lab. 

Jon Andersen (PIN) has decided to join the lab as a graduate student. Excited to have you the team.

Pragya starts with us, welcome to the lab!
Sunny graduated, congrats!
Morven joined the lab, and Giovanni is starting with us as well!
Shan Shan graduated and is off on a new adventure.
Chao, Xintong, Karthik and Kunpeng start with us. Fun and busy.
Richard graduated and is on to a new adventure at Stanford.
Christopher Minasi joins the lab.
Javier joins! welcome to our lab.
Arthur starts a new adventure - good luck!

Congrats Arthur for your nice paper on RIM and PIP2.

Changliang's dopamine paper is out!

Blake Chancellor starts a rotation with us.
Mehak Kahn rotates with our lab.

Yan's Liprin paper in press! congrats.

Aram comes and goes, and records lots of cells in between.
Daniel Gilliam from the PIN program rotates with us.
Congrats to Shan Shan and Richard, their paper has just been accepted!
Juliana Coraor from the MD/PhD program rotates with us.

Richards paper is out, congrats!

Xavier Du Maine rotates with us.
Lauren joins the lab - super!
Lauren Kershberg from the PIN program rotates in our lab
Mona Han from the PIN program rotates in our lab.
Jennifer starts as a research assistant.
Lydia moves on and starts a new adventure at the MPI for Experimental Medicine, good luck!
Shirin (ETH Zurich) starts her MS thesis with us!
Cindy Chang from the BBS Program starts a rotation with us.
Congrats to Shan Shan for getting an NSF fellowship!
our current lab:
Ee-Lynn from the PIN program does a rotation in our lab!
our new airtable arrived, building more rigs.
Changliang's ELKS paper is accepted, congratulations to Changliang and everybody who helped!